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The ULTIMATE Preparedness Course!  

Bring the family!

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It's an entirely new world we live in today... are you Prepared? 
American Preparedness Center (APC) is a REAL Brick & Mortar Retail Preparedness Center.  We cater to the individual, family or business that is interested in preparing for any natural or man-made disaster. We offer specialized hands on training, preparedness education, safety and security consulting, preparedness consulting, as well as a broad line of high quality food and preparedness products.


5275 Peachtree Parkway
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092


We have had TREMENDOUS demand for our DVD.  If you are looking for Preparedness Information, How To's, Tip's, DIY projects WITHOUT the Doom & Gloom this DVD is for you!   

AMERICAN PREPAREDNESS CENTER TV - Training, education and product reviews all right here, come check us out!

  • NATURAL DISASTER - How many of you are prepared?  Do you have at least 72 hours (3-days) worth of food & water & fuel?  After seeing Hurricane Sandy maybe you need two to three weeks worth of food, water & fuel.
  • ECONOMIC DOWNTURN - The economy is tough and we are all taught to put away 3 months worth income to cover your bills/expenses during that time.  But what about food, water and other basics?  Wise Foods has an extensive menu selection of GREAT tasting quality meals starting at $1.90 per serving and less on large quantity purchases.
  • TERRORIST ATTACK - We take this totally for granted.  No one want's to think about it so therefore we do not prepare for it.  In reality, if you prepare Natural Disaster you do have the base line items one would need to prepare for act of terrorism.  And we as a nation should prepare and take the extra steps needed to prepare as it relates to terrorism.
 As with all we do here at the American Preparedness Center we have what you need to get you prepared to the level of 'Peace of Mind' you desire.

Please take the time to cruise around our site and get your arms around who we are and what we do or stop by our Norcross, GA location

*We greatly appreciate your patience as we grow our website to keep pace with our brick and mortar store front business!

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American Preparedness Center (APC)
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Norcross, GA 30092
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